To hell with the choice consequences: Yogi’s Honda Stream

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In the Indonesian stance oriented scene, it is common to see a variety of different types of cars from mostly sedan sitting extremely low, hunkered down on a set of super wide new wheels or the memorable wheels like OZs, etc, with undersized and stretched tires, that rub almost constantly even when gliding even over perfectly smooth roads. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. We personally love a great fitment with some jargon like “neck-breaking” within that cars and causes some normal people to shake their heads as disbelief reaction. But we also know that some portion of our friends, viewers, or visitors, including my self feel the opposite way, especially with a purposefully classy rare OEM modified like this Honda Stream. Well, some of you perhaps couldn’t see anything special or rare things in this mid MPV, I bet you all wrong guys. This what I called a perfection. Some men that I know really care about the rare OEM parts, but most of them felt that originality ain’t give you pride than a set of high price tag of exclusive wheels or aftermarket things. But to be honest, we do care and can’t wait to dig more about their experience when hunted down the rare items to be installed in their lovely car. If there ever was a perfect combination of irrefutable class, passion, and fitment, I would suggest this Yogi’s Honda Stream to be the example model for it.

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If we talk about this mid MPV from Honda, personally said I really like this 7-seater car. It is a very comfortable car. If you are a family of four and on occasions have to transport some large items with, this car more than suit your needs. You can get a lot in it for sure. With four/five passengers, it isn’t as spacious in the luggage department as a Chevrolet or Mazda however as the rear seats take up more depth I think, but they are proper comfy seats. The load space is shallow (top to bottom) compared its competitors, but similar too many estates, but it is long, which is very useful.

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The Honda Stream in Indonesia probably most of their usage are properly suit with the main purpose of Honda when made this platform. But for Yogi, his mind came with a lot of ideas that inspired with the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) type of Stream in Japan. The exterior of this car was truly magnificent with the numerous parts from Japan version. Thanks to online interaction and media in internet to the JDM scene of Japan that has brought Yogi and his attention to find the alternative way for modified this lady on the right track. But as the stance enthusiast, Yogi felt that this Stream need to be lowered too. That was the interesting point when we saw Yogi’s car and we not found any reasons for not to respect his works on this beauty.

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The naturally low, wide lines of Honda Stream have been amplified to fit Yogi’s tastes. Together with The Private Garage, a shop located on Bandung that gather together with Yogi to provides all the exterior things such as RN3-5 front bumper until the rear bumper itself. To maximized the front end look, Yogi installed the Stage 21 front lips and also the genuine JDM Honda Access Tailgate for RN1-3 facelift. Some exterior parts are carbonized too, such as: custom hood, side mirror, door garnish, bumper lists, and rear tailgate as well. And several parts substituted the original one flawlessly like the wiper blade and the JDM red emblem in front and rear too. Those installed items in exterior in my opinion are requisite items for a proper JDM enthusiast.

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I have tried to drive my friend’s Stream couple months ago, basically The Stream’s engines need plenty of revs to give their best, but becoming very noisy in the process. They’re not coarse, though, and the cabin is quiet enough at motorway speeds, despite some wind and road noise. When I said in the beginning toward perfection word, Yogi has been remove the limitation of his mind to upgraded the engine of this car with Dastek Unichip Type Q as the piggyback to the ECU,Simota Carbon open filter and J’S Racing Muffler. From this three simple combination the drive impression of this car was back to normal. Perhaps I forgot to mention that at the rear of cabin was installed by simple audio system to accompany him when driving in Bandung’s street way. So the engine sector need to be upgraded bit to get well balanced power.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-7


honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-5


honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-21


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The lists of rare OEM parts of his modifications was too long to write up. But at first glance this car looks like it belongs to someone with plenty of prior knowledge and experience in terms of car modifications and a series of builds on their resume. Don’t get me wrong about Yogi being a humble-novice. This car was built with a clear-cut goal in mind and I personally feel he took the time and effort and made this a well planned and flawlessly executed plan.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-8


honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-4


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To outfit his car with some nice shoes, Yogi called upon The Private Garage too to acquired his need, where at the end, he decided upon Enkei RPF1 type RC. Now there are very few things I love this Enkei with a subtle offsets, he chose to run with an appropriately wide 18×8.5″ and 18×9.5 in the rear. The mesh faces of the Enkei RPF1 type RC look very clean in silver paint especially with the major polished lips that surrounds the face. To brought Yogi achieving this fitment now, he installed only a H&R Lowering kit for this MPV to lower and stiffen the ride. Other suspension components such as Brembo disc brake and Project Miu coating Lug Nut to improve the quality of his suspension as well.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-15


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Of course, my personal favorite aspect of this Honda Stream is the interior. Easily visible with the clear window tint, the gorgeous Holy Recaro in interior quickly commands your attention. The Recaro Sport Artista sits beautifully with the carbonized interior trim of this Stream. With a heavy contrast to the deep black paint and Recaro interior components make the balance of this car is just right. The package comes together with flawless execution, absolutely wonderful. Beauty is found within.

honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-22


honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-17


honda stream-honda-enkei-stance-ladyonwheels-indonesia-16


So there you have it, Yogi’s concept of beauty and simplicity. For him, beauty is all about clean, slammed, and rare OEM parts in all the right places. It may not be the lowest thing on the road, but again it does have character; which is more than what can be said about a lot of cars out there today. This car would still get respect from us and that right there above is the recipe for a good build of this beauty. Perhaps many people said this car isn’t sparkled as other stance fellow, but we are not assuming when write this sentence down that this in one of the greatest Honda Stream that we have met so far.





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